6/1-8/31 Summer Special Offer
The promotions are only for Qi Spa at Shangri-Las Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, Taipei.
Fist time guest enjoys any treatment with special off of 10 % off
20% off on nail art service with package body or facial treatment

Hot Stone Full Relaxing Package
Hot Stone Facial + Front & Back Relax, package at $7,380 (original price $9,000, 18% off)

Use of hot stone to smoothly massage along the meridians in the hands, neck & chest, abdomen and front legs to effectively improve constipation, lower back pain and menstrual discomfort. Facial care products are available for all skin types and hot stone facial massage helps to soften facial lines and enhance circulation. Complete body & facial massage tightens waistline and facial appearance. Back relax ease muscle stiffness and release exhaustion.

Refine Treatment Care Package
Intensive Facial + Eye Refresh Relax + Hands Single color nail gel package $5,000 (original price $5,900, 15 % off

In 95 minutes, our professional nail artist provides single color nail gel service while pampering your face and eye with refine treatment care. Facial care products are available for different skin type and condition. Follow Asian Medicines massage practice on meridians and acupoints with muscles massage facilitation to stimulate nerves end feeling instantly revitalized. Eye refresh treatment releases exhaustion and improve circulation around eye area to resolve intraocular pressure and eye puffiness issue.

Refined Manicure & Pedicure Treatment CareRefined
Refined Manicure + Refined Pedicure
package at $2,000 with complimentary partial scrub care (original price $3,000)

Spread out the fashion beauty and elegance of nail art in summer. Immerse yourself in the tranquility of Qi Spa at 40F with professional and refined nail treatment care.

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