2014/11/1-2014/11/30 (the promotion is for Taipei Far Eastern Plaza Shangri-la Hotel)
Fist time guest enjoys any one-time treatment with 10 % off

Hot Stone Relaxpromotional price $7,075 / original price $8,000
Hot Stone Deep Body Massage + Thermal Mask
Complimentary kidney meridian massage+ Black Bean Tea

Use of hot stone to smoothly massage along the meridians and acupressure to effectively enhance circulation.
42 degrees resilient warm facial mask aims to improve circulation, relieve fatigue for brighter skin.
10 minutes of kidney meridian massage and black bean tea help to improve blood circulation.

Jetlag Recovery Packagepromotional price $6,290/Original price $7,100
Well Balanced Relax + Foot and Lower Legs Relax
Complimentary Personalized meridian massage + Black Bean Tea

Applying personalized meridian massage to stimulate blood circulation followed by combined technique to massage the muscle alignment and 10 different body areas, to precisely release all types of exhaustion caused by travelling.
Qi Foot & Lower Legs Treatment effectively releases tension and improves peripheral circulation.

Beloved Qi Spa
Cleansing Foam + Enriched Lotion + Skin Emulsion. Promotion price $5,228
10% off on Body Shampoo + Body Emulsion.
Complimentaryan optional treatment free.


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