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Oriental Relax PackageOriental Relax嚗Head, Neck and Shoulder Relax
Special NT$4,420/Original price NT$5,200
政ull body massage to relax muscle tendons strengthening flexibility, stimulating circulation and metabolism. Massage techniques focus on mild and continued long movement to gently relax fatigue.
拴oncentrate on deep massage technique to effectively release head swelling, neck stiffness, eye pressure and exhaustion.
Energy ReleaseHot Stone Back Massage+ Back Relax+ Foot Relax
Special NT$6,290/Original price NT$7,400

Complimentary a relax candlelight

柿se of hot stones to massage the back, rear end and back of legs. Release fatigue; improve circulation and removal of excess water from the body.
拴ondensed basic body treatment focusing on meridian and acupressure massage on the common fatigue areas such as back, legs. With muscles massage facilitation to relax tightness and stress.
施mprove circulation and swollen legs. Removal of excess water from the legs.
Deep Relax and Beauty PackageTraveler's Special Body+ Intensive Facial+ Foot Relax.
Special NT$7,055/Original price NT$8,300.
Complimentary a relax candlelight.

政ocus on long and smooth full body massage to release muscle tension & regain elasticity with improved circulation & metabolism, particularly in the back and shoulder.
昤election of suitable Qi skin product and follow three steps skin care: cleansing, massaging, and applying a facial mask.
施mprove circulation and swollen legs. Removal of excess water from the legs.
Moisturizing BeautyEnriched Body Emulsion + Skin Emulsion Special
NT$4,410/original price NT$4,900
Enriched Body Emulsion 200ml/NT$2,200
Moisturize skin, prevent dryness, and enhance skin elasticity
映oisturize skin, prevent dryness, and enhance skin elasticity
柑nti-aging protection complex B (ginseng, royal jelly, lotus flower germ extract)
Skin Emulsion 100ml/NT$2,700
Scented with Qi classic aroma and smooth texture of moisturizing formula for a healthy and bright skin.
星earl extract excellent source of hydration and whitening effect
昱oyal jelly extract repair, moisturize and revitalize

與urchase Qi products above NT$9,000, complimentary a Qi Towel set free.
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