The promotion is only for Qi Spa in Fleur De Chine Hotel
Relax and sleep well packageTraveler's Special +Thermal Mask+ Back Scrub
Special NT$6,930/Original priceNT$7,700
政ocus on long and smooth full body massage to release muscle tension & regain elasticity with improved circulation & metabolism, particularly in the back and shoulder.
曷hermal Mask specializes 42 degrees resilient warm facial mask aims to improve circulation, relieve fatigue for brighter skin
施ntegration of Asian and Western relaxation massage skills using exclusive Qi body massage gel to exfoliate with smooth enzymatic particles. Improve skin smoothness and brightness.
Beauty Relax PackageDeep Facial Rejuvenating & Revitalizing + Head, Neck and Shoulder Relax Extraction+ Eye Refresh Relax
Special NT$5,760/Original price

柱here East meets west - Massage technique focuses on facial meridians and acupressure followed by marble stone cold treatment to effectively improve circulation, ease dark circles and release exhaustion.
昧eck, shoulder and head massage strengths flexibility, improve neck stiffness and releases head swelling.
挂ye Refresh Relax release intraocular pressure, improve wrinkles, fine lines, and puffiness and darken eye that is the common trouble of modern people.
Energy Release PackageHot Stone Back+ Back Relax+ Foot Relax
Special NT$ 6,300/Original price NT$7,000.
柿se of hot stones to massage the back, rear end and back of legs. Release fatigue; improve circulation and removal of excess water from the body.
拴ondensed basic body treatment focusing on meridian and acupressure massage on the common fatigue areas such as back, legs. With muscles massage facilitation to relax tightness and stress.
政oot Relax-Improve circulation and swollen legs. Removal of excess water from the legs.

Treatment amount above NTD9,000, get an Eye Relax treatment free. Receive a 5% discount for treatment reservation during 2:30pm~4:30pm daily.
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