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Summer Special Treatment Recommendations
Cooled Whitening Relax PackageDeep Facial Whitening & Revitalizing + Extraction Head, Neck and Shoulder Relax + Eye Refresh Relax
Special 4,880/original price 6,100

Where East meets west - Massage technique focuses on facial meridians and acupressure followed by marble stone cold treatment to effectively improve circulation. Also to enjoy a Head, Neck and Shoulder Relax and Eye Relax massage to ease exhaustion and eye tiredness.
Back Soothing and Relax PackageBody Scrub + Back Relax+ Arms & Hands Relax Special 5,040/Original 6,300

Use of exclusive Qi body massages gel to exfoliate and improve skin smoothness and brightness. Follow by Back Relax massage achieves soothing skin texture. Also to enjoy Arms & Hands Relax which massages along the heart meridian stimulating peripheral nerve and blood circulation, improving hands with soft and smooth texture.
Refresh Relax PackageTravelers Special Body Treatment+ Eye Refresh Relax Special 4,160/Original price 5,200

Focus on long and smooth full body massage to release muscle tension & regain elasticity with improved circulation & metabolism, particularly in the back and shoulder. Also enjoy an Eye refresh Relax to fully ease total body exhaustion and eye tiredness.
Limited Pre-paid special offers
See promising results in 45 days
3 sessions of Whitening Balanced Facial + 3 sessions of Body Scrub treatments at special price NT$19,380/original price NT$22,800.
Whitening Balanced Facial can be replaced by other whitening treatments.
Summer care specials: Select any treatment (original price) up to $10,000 to receive 15% discount.
Purchase $15,000 worth of value and above to receive 1 complimentary voucher for any selected Qi treatment under $1,000.
蓉his activity does not use with other activities.
Summer Special products recommendations
Receive 10% discount on any 2 of Qi Whitening Products.
Select any 2 of the Qi body products (body scrub, body emulsion, D矇colletage Serum Excellence and body powder excellence) receive 10% discount.
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