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Light Winter嚗Relax Enjoyment in Sunmoonlake
Warm and Lifting PackageHot Stone Body Massage + Body Shaping Massage
Special Price NT$7,560/Original price NT$8,400 Treatment time 125 minutesMassage time

Treatment time 125 minutes/ Massage time 95 minutes

Use of hot stones to massage the meridians and acupressure lifting circulation of renal. Followed by fist bone technique which doubles the effects of discharging the water and old wastes from the vein, bring the body to a relaxing, lifting and detoxing state.
Warm and Relaxation PackageBody Shaping Massage+ Back Relax Massage嚗Head
houlder & Neck Relaxation Special PriceNT$6,750/Original Price NT$7,500

Treatment Time 115 minutes/ Massage Time 85 minutes

Intensive and fist bone massage technique release exhaustion effectively, discharge the water and old wastes. Also enjoy head, shoulder and neck massage, release head swelling, neck stiffness, eye pressure and exhaustion.
Beauty and Relaxation PackageShaping-Up Facial1-4 +Extraction Treatment choose one of three. Special Price NT$5,760/Original Price NTR$6,400
Treatment Time 120minutes

Intensive and fist bone technique massages along the meridian, acupressure and vein to stimulates facial circulation, doubles the effects of discharging the water and old wastes from vein. Improve the troublesome of sagging and wrinkle. Followed by an Extraction treatment to get twice of effect of relaxing.
Receive a 5% discount for treatment reservation during 2:30pm~4:30pm daily.
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