The promotion is only available in Shangri-La Plaza Hotel Tainan floor Qi Spa
Good Looks PackageSpecial NT$5,200/Retail NT$6,500
Skill application 115 minutes

Hot Stone Facial and Back massage+ Eye Refresh Relax
Use of warm stone comes from Arizona to massage back and facial, with selection of suitable Qi skin products makes you are in good looks. Not only visits friends, but also enjoy reunion dinner always in pink. Also enjoy 20-minutes eyes care completely improve the tense eye pressure and ease the swelling.
聚yes Refresh Relax can be changed to any valued under NT$1,000 optional treatments.
De-stress and Relax PackageSpecial NT$5,280/Retail NT$6,600
Time of massage 115 minutes

Well-Balanced Massage+ one of Extraction Treatments
Apply deep and softer massage on 10 parts divided according to different muscles alignment and use of habit, to precisely relax all types of fatigue. Also enjoy one of the following three treatments to double recover the tiredness: head/shoulder/neck, back massage, foot massage.
Metabolism and Light Body PackageSpecial NT$4,960/Retail NT$6,200
Time of massage 100 minutes

Hot Stone Deep Body massage+ Head, Shoulder and Neck Relaxation
Use of warm stone comes from Arizona and hands technique to massage full body releasing stress completely. Extreme infra-red ray contained in hot stone discharge the wastes and improve circulation effectively. Followed by head, shoulder and neck massage which doubles the effects of releasing neck stiffness, eye pressure and exhaustion.
腿ucky Draw
Reserves any one of the packages, join a lucky draw for optional treatment (15% off/20% off/ 30% off/ 50% off)
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