Pamper yourself in spring
The promotion is only available in Fleur De Chine Hotel Sunmoonlake 1st floor Qi Spa
Beauty and Relax PackageSpecial $7,380/Retail $8,200

Hot Stone massage+ Thermal Mask+ Icy Eyesskills application 100 minutes
Use of hot stones to massage the meridians and acupressure of whole body, stimulates circulation, improve shape line of waist and the rear end, restore energy. Followed by Thermal Mask and Icy eyes to regains natural balance and beauty and ease the tiredness of eyes.
Extremely light and Released PackageSpecial $6,210/Retail $6,900

Body Shaping Massage +Extraction-Back Relax+Massage time 85 min
Discharge water and old wastes from the vein effectively bringing the body to a lifting and detoxing state. Also enjoy Extraction-Back relax to full release stress and fatigue in reaching a total relaxation of body, mind and soul.
Shaping-up and Relax PackageSpecial $6,030/Retail $6,700

Shaping-Up Facial Treatment+ Extraction-Head, Neck and Shoulder Relaxskill application 95 min
Discharge the water and old wastes from the vein effectively to improve the swelling and sagging problems, realize a reverse-aging, lifting and healthy skin. Followed by Extraction-Back Relax to ease fatigue and ache from sedentary posture.
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