Pamper yourself in spring
Qi Signature treatments in spring Duration嚗2017/3/1-2017/4/30
The promotion is only for Hsinchu Sheraton Hotel 7 floor Qi Spa
Fist time guest enjoys any treatment with 15 % off
Ultimate Relax PackageSpecial NT$3,760/Retail NT$4,700

Oriental Relax+ Head, Shoulder and Neck Relaxation
Treatment Time 120 minutes/Massage Time 95 minutes
Full body massage to relax muscle tendons strengthening flexibility, stimulating circulation and metabolism. Massage techniques focus on mild and continued long movement to gently relax fatigue. Followed by head, shoulder & neck massage to effectively release head swelling, neck stiffness, eye pressure and exhaustion.
Circulation Stimulate PackageSpecial NT$4,080/Retail NT$5,100

Travelers Favorite+ Legs & Foot
Treatment time 130minutes/Time of Massage 100 minutes
Whole body meridian, acupressure and muscle massage to release muscle tension & regain elasticity with improved circulation & metabolism, particularly in the back and shoulder. Also enjoy legs and foot massage to improve poor circulation and swollen legs.
Relax Beauty PackageSpecial NT$3,760/Retail NT$4,700

Shaping-Up Facial 1-4+ Aroma Head Relax
Treatment Time 110 minutes
Shaping-Up Facial stimulates the facial circulation, doubles the effects of discharging the water and old wastes from the vein in addition to improve the swelling and sagging problems to realize a reverse-aging, lifting and healthy skin. Also enjoy aroma head massage to improve high pressure, swollen head and poor respiratory function.
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