Follwoing campaign is exclusive on 7 floor Qi Spa in Shangri-La Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, Tainan.
Signature of Qi

Ultimate RelaxationSpecial NT$5,120/ Retail NT$6,400

Travelers Favorite+ Eye Refresh Relax + Head, Shoulder & Neck Relaxation
Massage 110 minutes/ Treatment 140 minutes
Full release of muscle tension and stress, soothe muscle pain. Improve intraocular pressure, puffiness and darken eye. Also enjoy eyes, head, shoulder and neck massage release head swelling, neck stiffness, eye pressure and exhaustion.
Condensed RecoverySpecial NT$4,560/Retail NT$5,700

Back Relax+ One of Extraction + Head, Shoulder & Neck Relaxation
Massage 75 minutes/Treatment 105 minutes
Massage focuses on meridian and acupressure on the common fatigue areas such as back, legs, head, shoulder and neck to relax tightness and stress. Plus one of the following three treatments to recover the tiredness: head/shoulder/neck, back/foot massage double the effects of relaxation.
Beauty and RelaxationSpecial NT$5,040/ Retail NT$6,300

Well Balanced Facial 1-3+ Extraction-Head, Neck and Shoulder Relax +Icy eyes Skill application 100 minutes
Well-balanced facial is to improve circulation, increase metabolism and remove excess wastage and free radicals. Gentle movements will relax tightened muscles, and soften the appearance of wrinkles. Follow head, neck, shoulder massage plus cold marble stone eyes massage, effectively improve circulation, release exhaustion and ease dark circles.
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